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Intersec 2024 Day Two: Everything Fire and Safety Attendees Need To Know

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After a successful opening day, Intersec 2024, the premier international exhibition for fire, security, emergency services, safety, policing, and cybersecurity, gears up for an equally insightful second day.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in Dubai, this year’s edition continues to highlight industry-specific solutions across its five pillars—Fire & Rescue, Commercial & Perimeter Security, Homeland Security & Policing, Safety & Health, and Cyber Security.

Day 2 Agenda for the Fire Rescue Conference at Intersec 2024

The second day of the Fire Rescue Conference at Intersec 2024 promises another lineup of insightful discussions and presentations from leading experts in the field. Here’s what attendees can look forward to:

Opening Remarks

11:00 – Opening Remarks from the Chairperson:
Robert (Bob) Rea will again open the day’s proceedings with his insights and set the tone for the day’s sessions.

Building Fire Safety and Compliance

11:10 – Building Fire Safety and Compliance:
Sajid Raza from BUTLER ENGINEERING (ME) will discuss the importance of staying fire-safe through compliance and proactive measures.

Drones in Fire Safety Management

11:35 – Leveraging Drones for Enhanced Fire Safety Management:
Susan Lamont from Arup will present on the innovative use of drones in fire safety management, highlighting their potential to revolutionize the field.

Future of Fire Safety in Smart Buildings

12:00 – The Future of Fire Safety in Smart Buildings:
Philip Witts, COO of ATEIS, will delve into the evolving landscape of fire safety in the era of smart buildings.

Innovations in Green Building Design

12:20 – Innovations in Building Design focusing on Green Buildings for Enhanced Fire Safety:
Sawsan Dahham, Founder & CEO of Siena, will explore how green building designs can enhance fire safety.

Fire Safety Codes and Regulations

12:40 – Codes & Regulations: Keeping up with the speed of innovations:
Dwayne Sloan from UL Solutions will talk about the challenge of keeping fire safety codes and regulations up to date with rapid technological innovations.

Thought Leadership Chat on Airport Safety

13:00 – Thought Leadership Chat: Safeguarding Critical Facilities:
Robert (Bob) Rea will moderate a discussion with Gary Barthram, Chief Fire Officer at Heathrow Airport, focusing on fire safety strategies for the world’s busiest airports.

Panel Discussion on Powder Hazards

13:20 – Panel Discussion: Ticking explosives in your plant – Organic Powder Hazard:
Moderated by Ihab Farag, this panel includes experts like Adam Batz, Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, and others, discussing the risks and safety measures for organic powder hazards in plants.

Emirates Safety Laboratory Certification Ceremony

14:10 – Emirates Safety Laboratory (ESL) Certification Ceremony:
A significant moment for the Emirates Safety Laboratory as they receive their certification.

Advancements in Fire Protection Technology

14:30 – Advancement in Fire Protection Technology:
David Fuller from FM Approvals will speak about the latest advancements in fire protection technology, specifically focusing on electronically operated sprinklers.

NFCC’s Focus on International Collaboration

14:50 – NFCC focus: International Collaboration in Fire Safety:
Mark Hardingham, Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council, will discuss the importance of international collaboration in fire safety.

AI in Fire Safety

15:10 – The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Fire Safety:
Saeed Alshaiba from Dubai Civil Defense will explore the emerging role of artificial intelligence in enhancing fire safety measures.

Fire Resistance Testing of Tunnels

15:30 – Importance of fire resistance testing of tunnels structure:
Dr. Sebastian Ukleja from Emirates Safety Laboratory will discuss the critical role of fire resistance testing in tunnel structures.

Digitalizing Fire Protection System Readiness

15:50 – Importance of Fire Protection System Readiness and Digitalizing it:
Mohammed Saeefan from Saudi Aramco will address the importance of ensuring fire protection system readiness and the benefits of digitalization in this area.

Global Warming and Firefighting Strategies

16:10 – Navigating the Impact of Global Warming on Firefighting Strategies and Operations:
Ali Majed from Dubai Civil Defense will cover how global warming is influencing firefighting strategies and operations.

Mental Health in the Fire Service

16:30 – Mental Health in the Fire Service: Elevating Awareness & Resiliency:
Christina Alexander Alexandropoulou will discuss the critical issue of mental health in the fire service, focusing on awareness and resilience.

Closing Remarks and End of Day 2

16:50 – Closing Remarks and End of Day 2:
The conference will conclude with closing remarks, wrapping up the second day of insightful and impactful discussions.

Day 2 Agenda for the Safety and Health Conference at Intersec 2024

The second day of the Safety and Health Conference at Intersec 2024 is lined up with more insightful sessions and expert speakers, focusing on critical aspects of workplace safety and health.

Recap and Opening Remarks

11:50 – Recap Day 1 & Opening Remarks by the Chairperson:
Branco Dennenberg, UAE Branch Chair at IISRSM & SHE Director at Element Materials Technology, will provide a recap of the first day and set the stage for Day 2.

Unleashing Safety Spirit

12:00 – Presentation: Unleash your Safety Spirit:
Saleh Ali Albalushi from Drydocks World will talk about the ‘Charismatic Approach’ to safety, emphasizing how to inspire and engage people in safety practices.

Panel on Work & Safety Regulations

12:25 – Panel Discussion: From Regulation to Enforcement: New Realities of Work & Safety:
Moderated by Matthew Cox, this panel will include Dr. Naseem Mohammed Rafee, Paul Slater, Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, and others, discussing the shift from safety regulations to their practical enforcement.

Management Principles in HSE

13:05 – On-Stage Conversation: Developing Robust Management Principles for HSE Performance in Contractor Safety Management:
Khalid Al Abdulqader will share insights on effective management principles in contractor safety.

Emergency Response Strategies

13:30 – Presentation: Emergency Response: From Crisis to Control:
Syed Mazhar will delve into strategies and processes for effective emergency response and crisis management.

Road Risk Assessment & Safety

13:55 – Presentation: Road Risk Assessment & Traffic Safety across KOC Oil Fields:
Eisa Malek from Kuwait Oil Company will discuss road risk assessments and traffic safety in oil field operations.

Developing Defensive Drivers

14:20 – Presentation: Developing Defensive Drivers:
Gregory Bytheway, a Road Safety Advocate from RoSPA, will present on strategies for developing defensive driving skills to enhance road safety.

Bridging Theory and Practice in OHS

14:45 – Presentation: Advancements in Occupational Health & Safety:
Dr. Rahaf Ajaj will address the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in occupational health and safety.

Technology’s Impact on Workplace Safety

15:10 – Presentation: Innovative Horizons: Technology’s Impact on Workplace Safety:
Dr. Gaurav Singh from Adani Enterprises Ltd will explore how technology is revolutionizing workplace safety.

Innovations in OSH for High-Risk Work

15:35 – Presentation: Safer by Design:
Thomas Kramer will discuss innovations in occupational safety and health, particularly for high-risk work environments.

Psychological Resilience in the Workplace

16:00 – Presentation: Adaptability Safety:
Suzan Ahmad Al Ghanem will talk about ensuring psychological resilience in the workplace, an essential aspect of modern occupational health.

Excellence in HSE Training

16:25 – Presentation: Empowering Excellence:
Paul Burns will share innovative approaches and developments in HSE training to enhance safety today and in the future.

Fostering Safety Culture

16:50 – Presentation: Fostering Safety Culture:
Maged Elkassaby from Aramco will provide insights into best practices for effective site inspections and on-the-job training, crucial for fostering a strong safety culture in the workplace.

End of Day 2 and Closing Remarks

17:15 – End of Day 2 & Closing Remarks:
Branco Dennenberg will conclude the second day of the conference with closing remarks, summarizing the key discussions and insights from the day’s sessions.

Other show highlights

Continuing Collaboration with Government Bodies

Day 2 will further demonstrate the UAE Government’s commitment to these critical sectors. The continued collaboration with various government bodies such as Dubai Civil Defence in the Fire & Rescue segment underlines the UAE’s strong focus on enhancing fire safety and emergency services. This partnership is crucial in integrating advanced fire protection systems that leverage modern technologies like IoT and data analytics to boost efficiency and safety.

Fire and Rescue Conference: Deepening Global Connections

Building on the first day’s momentum, the Fire & Rescue Conference at Intersec is set to continue as a central hub for global leaders in fire and emergency services. Day 2 will delve deeper into a range of topics covering regulatory challenges, technological advancements, and innovative strategies in fire safety. The conference serves as a vibrant platform for sharing knowledge, networking, and fostering collaborative efforts, aligning with the UAE’s market dynamics and global trends in fire protection.

Advancing Safety and Health Standards

The Safety & Health Conference, another key focus of Intersec 2024, will continue to spotlight the latest trends and innovations in workplace safety and well-being. The second day’s agenda is packed with discussions and presentations aimed at empowering organizations to champion workplace safety, emphasizing the industry’s dynamic and adaptive nature in the face of evolving challenges.

A Pledge to Forward-Thinking Solutions

The UAE’s proactive and forward-thinking approach in fire safety and emergency services is evident throughout the conference. By hosting such a significant event and leading substantial infrastructure projects, the nation showcases its unwavering dedication to advancing fire safety and health standards. The integration of intelligent fire protection systems and the emphasis on innovative health and safety solutions reflect the UAE’s visionary aspirations and its influential role in shaping the global fire protection and health safety landscape.

Setting New Global Benchmarks

As Intersec 2024 progresses, the UAE’s strategic orientation and innovative methods continue to have a transformative impact on the worldwide fire protection and health safety arenas. The Fire & Rescue and Safety & Health segments at the conference not only highlight the UAE’s advancements but also set new benchmarks for international standards in these critical fields.

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