Intertek and Knauf launch programme to improve fire safety standards


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Total Quality Assurance provider Intertek has announced a partnership with a leading manufacturer of building materials, Knauf, to launch a training programme for contractors, installers and professionals.

The programme is the first to offer Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP) courses for drywall installers in the Gulf Corporate Council (GCC) region, and it is an extension of Intertek’s global initiative to independently qualify personnel to the highest industry standards.

The qualification programme is designed for technical professionals in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain and is delivered in the new Knauf Training Centre. Hundreds of professionals from the region are expected to complete this qualification every year, where they will learn how to optimise installation efficiency, how to reduce wastage and apply best practice to all installations in line with fire safety requirements.

The training programme expands on Knauf’s education and examination programme for the installation of its systems, certified by Intertek for compliance with international fire standards. 

Intertek’s IQP Programme increases the proficiency of participating installers and inspectors in installation practices, to ensure that their work is at the highest level of quality and safety assurance. Qualified professionals will be required to undergo a refresher training session every two years to maintain their qualification. The IQP Programme also gives relevant authorities independent assurance that the installations meet all industry requirements and have been carried out by qualified professionals. 

Amer Bin Ahmed, Managing Director at Knauf Middle East, said: “We are very pleased to offer IQP accredited courses in partnership with Intertek at the new Knauf Training Centre. The new programmes will ensure higher quality and safety standards for buildings, enable us to continue our vision for Quality, Sustainability, Health, and Safety, and train professionals with excellence through a growing range of courses.

“The new partnership with Intertek will improve skills and knowledge through accredited qualifications. This initiative will help to create and retain a greater talent pool for the overall industry and to set a high standard for the region when it comes to professional training.”

Cristina Perez Domper, Regional Operations Manager at Intertek Building & Construction for Middle East & Africa, said: “Partnering with an industry leader like Knauf to set up an IQP Programme is a significant step for Intertek in the region.

“We are very excited about launching the first IQP Programme of its kind in the region, and we look forward to expanding our network of certified programmes. This collaboration will elevate the standards for the industry and add an extra level of verification and qualification to the installation process, a key step which is often overlooked, in line with the increasing fire safety regulations implemented by authorities.”

Jean-Philippe Kayl, Vice-President Global Certification at Intertek, added: “Knauf’s commitment to excellence is truly impressive. Intertek is delighted to support Knauf in its journey to implement world-class quality and safety practices in the construction industry.”

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