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Lagos state government enforces fire safety equipment in buildings

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Enforcement of fire safety laws

The Lagos State Government has announced a new initiative to enforce the provision of fire fighting devices in buildings across the state.

This move comes in response to recent fire incidents and is aimed at enhancing safety in urban environments.

The enforcement, mandated under the Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law, 2019, as amended, emphasises the importance of fire safety measures in preventing disastrous incidents.

The Mandilas building case: a cautionary example

The recent fire outbreak in the Mandilas building on Broad Street, Lagos Island, has been highlighted as a stark reminder of the necessity for strict adherence to fire safety regulations.

The incident has prompted the state government to reinforce the importance of having functional fire fighting equipment in buildings.

This measure is seen as a critical step in safeguarding lives and properties against the threat of fires.

Government’s stance on fire safety compliance

Dr. Oluyinka Olumide, the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, stressed the significance of this enforcement.

He stated: “It is good to note that the requirement for the provision of fire safety devices in buildings is as important as maintaining the right setbacks and airspaces.

“These requirements are there for our benefit by ensuring the safety and security of lives and property.”

IFSJ Comment

This initiative aligns with global standards for urban safety and is a commendable effort towards mitigating the risks of fire incidents in densely populated areas.

It also highlights the critical role of government intervention in ensuring compliance with safety laws, ultimately contributing to the welfare and security of its citizens.

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