London apartments near Canary Wharf undergo major fire system upgrade with Hyfire wireless devices

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Hyfire’s Taurus range ensures optimal wireless fire protection

A prominent residential development located near Canary Wharf and the renowned Cutty Sark has enhanced its fire safety measures with wireless fire protection, thanks to state-of-the-art detectors, sounders, call points, and other devices from Hyfire’s Taurus range.

Installation highlights and specialist involvement

A comprehensive upgrade of the building’s fire system involved the installation of nearly 2,000 Hyfire devices.

Among these were 913 heat detectors. Additionally, a temporary system, which can be repurposed or later removed, was put in place for the repair of defective cladding.

The entire project comprised five Advanced MxPro 5 panels and also featured a paging system to cater to residents with visual impairments and other requirements.

This work was carried out by Chameleon Systems, based in Gerrards Cross, recognised for their proficiency in supplying fire alarm systems to large-scale endeavours.

All of this was executed following a design and blueprint formulated by Julian Crouch of Integrity Fire, the lead consultant for this venture.

Julian Crouch remarked: “This project was so big that some companies had actually turned down the chance to tender, but we knew that it could be delivered with the latest wireless tech from Hyfire.

“I worked closely with Chameleon, the residents’ management company and the team at Hyfire to design and specify a system that they could be installed rapidly and with minimal impact on the fabric of the building.

“The brief was to deliver the completed system with minimum disruption to residents, and Taurus allowed us to achieve this, along with savings in labour costs and reduced installation times – up to 90% less than a full wired system.”

Sharing her insights, Christina Keating, Managing Director at Chameleon Systems, stated: “From being a niche product sector not so long ago, wireless is becoming the default choice for residential fire systems, where time is of the essence and where access to the residential units can be complex to arrange.

“Therefore, the benefits of being able to pre-programme a device offsite and install it in a few minutes, with no need to ‘make good’ afterwards, cannot be overstated, especially on a project of this size.”

Hyfire’s extensive offerings and their market reputation

Hyfire boasts a vast array of commercial-standard wireless fire devices, encompassing optical, multi-criteria, and heat detectors, among others.

These devices are all fully accredited to EN54, and they align with BS5839 Part 1.

Their panels connect through a loop to translators, allowing for the creation of fully wireless systems or combined solutions with Hyfire’s wired offerings.

Chris McGregor, Regional Sales Manager for Hyfire, shared his views: “We have a great working relationship with Julian at Integrity and with the team at Chameleon, so when they approached us with this massive project, we were only too happy to help them design the optimum system to cover the entire complex.

“Using the bespoke TauREX software package, they were able to install and commission the system in record time.”

Originating from Trieste, Italy – a hub for wireless fire design – Taurus incorporates Pathfinder Technology.

This enables the devices to transmit signals over long distances, reducing the need for multiple pieces of equipment and batteries, thereby curbing costs.

IFSJ Comment

For a sprawling urban city like London, ensuring that large residential complexes are equipped with the latest in fire safety technology is paramount.

The revamp of this residential development near Canary Wharf with wireless fire protection devices from Hyfire’s Taurus range is a testament to the industry’s commitment to safety, innovation, and efficiency.

With wireless systems now becoming a preferred choice, this upgrade also reflects the changing dynamics of fire safety measures in residential buildings.

Hyfire and Chameleon Systems’ collaboration showcases how expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous planning can ensure the safety of numerous residents.

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