NEBOSH launches new service to shake-up in-house health and safety training


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NEBOSH launches new service to shake-up in-house health and safety training NEBOSH – one of the world’s leading providers of health and safety qualifications – has launched a new solution for businesses that want to improve their in-company training.

The NEBOSH Endorsed service will – as its name suggests – endorse great health and safety training. When companies invest in training, they want to see a return. Through a collaborative approach, NEBOSH will help organisations to elevate their in-company offering and deliver measurable behavioural change that contributes to healthier and safer workplaces.

A range of solutions are available via NEBOSH Endorsed. They are all tailored to the needs of individual organisations and emphasise learning that delivers tangible impact:
• Assessment and endorsement of existing in-company training
• Bespoke consultation and development of in-company training
• Delivery of engaging online and in-person training
• Learning impact measurement

Every person that completes a NEBOSH Endorsed course will be recognised with a NEBOSH Endorsed certificate to mark their learning.

Ian Cooke, NEBOSH Business Development Manager – Corporates and Consumers, says: “So much in-company training is well-meaning but has minimal impact on behaviour back in the workplace. NEBOSH are experts in learning. We want to share our 40 years’ worth of educational expertise and help create better health and safety training, whatever its duration or level.

“NEBOSH Endorsed is focused on two things: collaboration and impact. Everything we do will be tailored to an organisation’s needs and we’ll use a range of tools to make sure it is having a demonstrable impact on individual and organisational performance. Ultimately, we want to make the world a safer place to work and by partnering with organisations through NEBOSH Endorsed, we can make that happen!”

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