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New guidelines launched to minimise wildfire risk from disposable barbecues


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The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) have jointly introduced a set of voluntary guidelines for retailers on the sale of disposable barbecues.

This initiative aims to lower the risk of wildfires at both local and national levels, as reported on the NFCC website.

Guidelines promote responsible retailing

These guidelines put forward a strategy that retailers can use to collaborate with Local Authorities and fire and rescue services in order to reduce wildfire incidents proactively.

This may include suspending the sale of these products during periods of high wildfire risk.

An important aspect of these guidelines is to make sure that retailers provide consumers with advice on how to safely use, extinguish and dispose of these products.

Three key principles for disposable barbecue safety

The guidelines centre around three key principles:

  1. Retailers will respond to reasonable, evidence-based Local Authority requests to remove disposable barbecues from sale. They will also establish systems to alert stores within their network to withdraw these items from sale.
  2. When an extreme heat event is declared imminent, retailers are expected to stop selling disposable barbecues. They should also monitor the Fire Severity Index and decide if a local or national ban is required.
  3. Retailers have the responsibility to educate their customers on the safe and responsible use of disposable barbecues. This could involve on-pack use and disposal information, or educational materials at the shelf edge, digital platforms, and/or print media.

Adrian Simpson, Product Safety Policy Adviser at the British Retail Consortium, emphasised: “Disposable barbecues provide a great way for people to enjoy the summer outdoors. However, it is extremely important that users realise that these must be used responsibly.”

Paul Hedley, Wildfire Lead at the National Fire Chiefs Council, added: “These guidelines are a good start for mitigating wildfire risk caused by disposable barbecues.

“Additionally, members of the public should make note of local guidelines, only using disposable BBQs in appropriate areas and making sure that they dispose of them safely.”

Safety advice for disposable barbecue users

The safety advice for consumers includes suggestions like opting for a picnic instead of a barbecue, not having barbecues in the countryside unless in a designated area, and ensuring that disposable barbecues are fully extinguished after use.

The NFCC has provided further resources here.

IFSJ Comment

Wildfires pose a serious risk to both local communities and wider environments. These guidelines represent a proactive step in raising awareness and encouraging responsible use of disposable barbecues to reduce this risk.

About the National Fire Chiefs Council

The NFCC is the professional voice of the UK fire and rescue service. It provides strategic leadership and promotes the highest standards of service delivery, training and community safety measures to protect life, property and the environment.

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