OroraTech advances wildfire management with space-based thermal monitoring

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Satellite-enabled fire monitoring unveiled

Space-age thermal intelligence company, OroraTech, has effectively established the latest thermal sensor in a commercial orbit network. By persistently tracking the temperature of the Earth, clients – including fire departments, forest services, and utility companies – can now receive real-time wildfire detection, ongoing situation updates and predictive data to better manage wildfires.

Early access programme provides real-time fire detection

OroraTech’s Early Access Programme offers immediate fire detection, capable of identifying bush-scale blazes and providing accurate fire perimeter locations within minutes. The programme also encompasses an on-demand tasking service during essential afternoon periods, thus enabling clients to keep a close eye on crisis zones. The company’s ultimate aim is to deliver uninterrupted fire monitoring and instant predictions on a global level, all in real time.

Thomas Grübler, CEO and co-founder of OroraTech, spoke on the potential impact of this technology, stating that “wildfires pose an existential threat” to our societies and economies. “We want to give our customers back control during catastrophic events,” Grübler emphasised.

A precursor sensor exceeds expectations

Having operated a preliminary sensor in orbit for over a year, OroraTech has found its technology to be exceeding expectations. Originally intended as a proof of concept, the sensor now actively serves as a wildfire monitoring tool for clients worldwide. A case in point is SOPFEU, Quebec’s provincial fire agency, which is currently using the sensor to manage over 150 active fires. Looking forward, the agency is eagerly awaiting the transition to satellite monitoring, set to improve operational efficiency, lower pilot risks, and provide enhanced situational awareness.

Complete thermal intelligence suite and diverse applications

OroraTech offers a comprehensive suite of Thermal Intelligence services, ranging from proprietary real-time data via its sensor network to AI-powered analytics and actionable insights. Clients can access these services through the existing Wildfire Solution platform, already in use on six continents, or via specific APIs.

Beyond assisting in wildfire management, the data provided by OroraTech is also applicable in a variety of sectors. The thermal data offers valuable insight for applications such as food security, drought mitigation, and insurance. This information is also available on geospatial data platforms.

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