Stephan Wevers re-elected as FEU President for another term

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Leadership continuity at FEU

The Federation of European Union Fire Officers (FEU) has announced the re-election of Stephan Wevers as President for a second consecutive three-year term.

This decision underscores the confidence placed in Wevers’ leadership and vision for the organisation.

FEU, comprising many European fire officer associations and state fire services, including those from the UK and Norway, is an independent professional body.

It plays a crucial role in the strategic management of Fire and Rescue Services across Europe.

Achievements and challenges in Wevers’ first term

Wevers’ first term as President was marked by a series of global crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and increasing forest fires.

Despite these challenges, Wevers proudly notes that FEU has learned from these crises and enhanced its knowledge and skills exchange through joint actions with its members.

This aligns with one of FEU’s core programmes, the Exchange of Experts and Knowledge.

Furthermore, Wevers has addressed global issues such as sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and energy transition, organising special seminars and issuing joint statements on these topics.

Vision for the future and development of key programmes

Under Wevers’ leadership, FEU’s vision has seen significant development, particularly in its Leadership and The Voice pillars.

The Officer Development Program, launched in spring 2022 and followed up in June 2023, with registrations for the 2024 edition forthcoming, exemplifies this progress.

Wevers emphasises the importance of FEU as a strong voice for fire and rescue services at both European and global levels, focusing on organisational, managerial, and strategic issues.

His vision for the second term includes further growth of FEU’s membership, aiming to create a broad international network and spread FEU’s values of sharing, inspiring, and improving more widely.

Background of Stephan J.M. Wevers

Stephan J.M. Wevers represents the Fire Service from the Netherlands.

He holds a position as CFO at Brandweer Twente in Enschede and is a past president of the Netherlands Fire Service.

His reappointment as FEU President is a testament to his leadership and the respect he commands in the European fire and rescue community.

IFSJ Comment

The re-election of Stephan Wevers as President of the Federation of European Union Fire Officers signifies a period of stability and continued progress for the organisation.

Wevers’ first term was distinguished by adept handling of unprecedented global challenges, showcasing his ability to lead and innovate under pressure.

His emphasis on knowledge exchange and collaboration, particularly during crises, has not only strengthened FEU’s position but also reinforced the importance of international cooperation in fire and rescue services.

Looking ahead, Wevers’ focus on expanding FEU’s membership and influence promises to enhance the organisation’s role as a pivotal voice in fire safety and rescue operations.

His commitment to sustainability, diversity, and inclusion aligns with the broader goals of the fire and rescue community, ensuring that FEU remains at the forefront of strategic and progressive leadership in this critical field.

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