Tom Gilbert becomes the new CEO of CLM Group

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Tom Gilbert has been appointed the new Group Chief Executive Officer of CLM, as confirmed by the company on their official website.

Gilbert’s role and responsibilities at CLM

Gilbert’s new role will encompass driving the overall vision of the group.

He will collaborate with the CLM team to nurture existing client relationships and establish new ones.

Additionally, he aims to introduce and cultivate new service offerings for the brand.

Using his expansive network, Tom Gilbert is set to bolster CLM’s reputation as a leading passive fire protection contractor in the UK.

Tom Gilbert: A seasoned professional in fire safety

Tom Gilbert comes to CLM armed with a commendable track record. With over two decades in the fire safety sector, his experience is unquestionably vast.

He has showcased his leadership and managerial prowess in both Private and Public Sector establishments, spanning the realms of construction, corporate consultancy, and housing.

Furthermore, in 2019, IFSEC acknowledged him as the 2nd most influential personality in global fire safety.

His voice is frequently heard at renowned conferences, such as FIREX international, NHMF, London Build, and the fire sector summit, where he discusses passive fire protection, fire risk management, and construction fire safety.

Gilbert also held significant positions earlier, being a non-executive member of the ASFP executive board and partaking in the construction fire safety leadership group.

The team at CLM said it eagerly anticipates Gilbert’s contribution and his vision for propelling the company forward.

IFSJ Comment

The appointment of Tom Gilbert as CEO of CLM Group marks a significant moment in the fire safety industry.

With his vast experience and global recognition, it demonstrates CLM’s commitment to leading with expertise.

Gilbert’s past accomplishments in both the private and public sectors underline the strength he brings.

His regular presence at major conferences further highlights his thought leadership in fire safety.

As CLM aims to enhance its services and client relationships, having a leader like Gilbert is poised to steer the brand to greater heights in passive fire protection.

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