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US Fire Pump has announced the official launch of the new division of its company, US Fire Apparatus.

On a post on its LinkedIn page, US Fire Pump said that the move is response to the demands of industrial and municipal fire departments across the country, and that US Fire Apparatus was formed to build and deliver heavy-duty fire apparatus, quickly. 

Why was US Fire Apparatus Formed?

Custom Pumper
Custom Pumper

The pump manufacturer said that through existing relationships and feedback from fire professionals, US Fire Pump President and CEO Chris Ferrara had listened and arranged the key elements that will help departments quickly obtain new fire trucks while receiving the customer service they deserve.

The leading statement on the US Fire Apparatus website reads:

Refined Focus on What Fire Departments Need Today. So what does this mean?

US Fire Apparatus was established in direct response to the needs expressed by fire departments across the United States of America.

Its mission is to design and supply robust fire apparatus with expedited delivery.

Drawing on existing connections and input from fire service experts, Chris has attentively considered and organized the essential components that will facilitate fire departments in promptly acquiring new fire trucks while ensuring they receive the high-quality customer service they rightfully deserve.

Key Benefits of US Fire Apparatus

Commercial Pumper
Commercial Pumper

At US Fire Apparatus, their team comprises seasoned industry professionals, from sales and engineering staff to production and quality teams.

They bring a wealth of experience necessary to design, manufacture, and deliver robust fire apparatus.

Their refined fire apparatus manufacturing process harnesses a consistent material supply flow, along with unmatched building processes and expertise within the industry.

This approach significantly reduces delivery times, setting new benchmarks beyond current industry standards.

As important as building fire trucks, US Fire Apparatus prioritizes the cultivation of enduring relationships by actively listening to their customers and consistently delivering excellence in customer service.

Every fire truck undergoes a meticulous engineering, manufacturing, and testing process to meet CEO Chris Ferrara’s rigorous heavy-duty standards, guaranteeing the delivery of the utmost quality and performance necessary for the fire service.

Who is CEO Chris Ferrara?

Chris Ferrara
Chris Ferrara, CEO of US Fire Apparatus. Image credit: USFA

Drawing upon a rich background of experience and insight gained from serving as both a firefighter and a fire apparatus manufacturer, Chris has achieved remarkable success in guiding manufacturing enterprises to produce top-quality fire apparatus and fire equipment.

This journey has also led to the establishment of robust relationships with fire departments worldwide.

Key highlights of Chris’s distinguished career in the fire industry include:

  • Over 40 years of service as a municipal and industrial firefighter.
  • Over 40 years of experience in the field of fire apparatus manufacturing.
  • Founding a prominent fire apparatus manufacturing company.
  • The successful construction and delivery of more than 6,000 new fire trucks to fire departments globally.
  • The founding of a leading manufacturer specializing in industrial firefighting equipment.
  • Serving as the President and CEO of the world’s largest emergency response organization.

To find out more about US Fire Apparatus, visit their new website where there detailed information about the newly-formed company is available.

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