IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference Advisory Panel Spotlight: Sinclair Duffie

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International Fire & Safety Journal (IFSJ) is honoured to welcome Sinclair Duffie, Chief Fire Officer of Nawah Energy Company, as a distinguished member of the advisory panel for the IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference 2024.

With a career spanning over three decades in fire safety and emergency services, Sinclair Duffie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the IFSJ Conference. Beginning his journey in 1983 with the Scottish Fire Service, Duffie has been a key figure in fire safety management and emergency response planning, demonstrating a strong commitment to improving fire safety standards and community welfare.

Sinclair Duffie: A Lifetime of Dedication to Fire Safety

Starting as a member of the Central Region Fire Brigade, Duffie’s expertise grew as he moved into Fire Prevention as a Station Officer in 1993, and later as Station Manager in 2004. His diverse experience encompasses roles in operations, training, and community safety, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of the complexities of fire safety and emergency response. His remarkable journey in the fire service concluded with an impressive 29 years of dedicated service upon retiring in early 2012.

Subsequently, Duffie’s expertise was sought after in the oil and gas industry, where he joined ADNOC offshore operations on Das Island as an Incident Command System Coordinator. Here, he was pivotal in planning and developing major incident response strategies. In 2017, his journey led him to Nawah Energy Company, where he ascended to the role of Chief Fire Officer, a position he has admirably held since 2018. His active participation in the Middle East conference circuit further illustrates his commitment to sharing knowledge and best practices in fire safety.

The IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference 2024

Scheduled for May 9, 2024, at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel Dubai Marina, this conference is an extension of the success of its inaugural year. Serving as a crucial platform for dialogue on the dynamic challenges and prospects in fire safety and emergency management, the conference anticipates benefiting greatly from Duffie’s extensive experience and insights.

Sinclair Duffie’s role in the advisory panel is anticipated to provide an invaluable contribution, especially in the realms of strategic emergency response planning and fire safety management. His extensive background in operational roles, training, and community safety, combined with his significant experience in the oil and gas sector, offers a unique perspective that is crucial for advancing discussions on global fire safety practices.

Duffie’s Approach to Fire Safety at the Conference

In his capacity on the advisory panel, Duffie is expected to play a significant role in shaping the conference’s agenda and discussions. His comprehensive approach to fire safety, emphasising both preventive measures and effective emergency response, aligns with the conference’s objective of promoting innovative and sustainable fire safety strategies. Living in Al Dhannah city in Abu Dhabi, Duffie brings not only his professional expertise but also a deep understanding of the regional challenges and opportunities in fire safety, making his contribution all the more relevant to the conference’s international audience.

Advisory panel shaping the conference

The panel for the 2024 conference is composed of distinguished professionals from various sectors related to fire safety and emergency preparedness, including:

This esteemed panel plays a crucial role in directing the content and focus of the conference, ensuring it tackles the most pressing issues facing the fire safety industry today.

Register to attend the IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference

The IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference 2024 promises to be an essential event for professionals in the fire safety and emergency services sectors.

Attendees can look forward to insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and the latest developments in fire safety strategies and technologies.

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