MOBOTIX M16 thermal cameras granted VdS certification


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Konica Minolta’s Video Solution Services (VSS) and powerful MOBOTIX M16 TR (Thermal Radiometry) cameras have been certified by the VdS Fire Protection Institute.

The certification recognises the ability to accurately detect a fire, or the increased risk even before it starts, from a distance of up to 5km

Based in Germany, VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is Europe’s largest institution for corporate security and safety, specialising in fire protection, security, and natural disaster prevention.

Konica Minolta’s thermal TR technology delivers fast and low-cost installation. In addition, the system also reacts more quickly, with heat being detected before it even reaches the ceiling. Additionally, unlike aspirating smoke detectors, the MOBOTIX M16 TR is not dependent on the development of smoke, enabling detection much sooner in the timeline of the developing event.

The Konica Minolta VSS and MOBOTIX M16 TR solution has a range of applications within a variety of environments such as monitoring of outside areas (including large and cluttered areas, material and bulk goods storage, warehouses, and hard-to-reach areas with low light or visibility), and indoor areas (such as large rooms and buildings and public areas such as schools, airports, and workplaces).

The solution is also designed for monitoring power-sensitive areas such as server rooms and charging stations for electric vehicles, where overheating can be particularly dangerous.

Gary Fletcher-Moore, Head of Sales for Intelligent Video Solutions at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd commented: “VdS Certification gives an important third-party verification of the considerable abilities and reliability of our VSS and thermal cameras in detecting the early signs of a fire. Whilst many detection systems alert as soon as a fire breaks out, considerable damage and danger to life will already be present. Our powerful thermal detection solution enables emergency teams to investigate a potential problem even before it starts, enabling it to be effectively fought if not prevented entirely.”

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